Behind the Business with Founder & Father Jacob Freepons


What is your company’s mission?

Our Mission is not quite a simple one you know, on one face, it’s to bring health and awareness of what the hemp plant can do for people’s health. But the deeper kind of mission for us is to use this plant as that economic and social driver to really address the environmental challenges we’re facing, too. This is from floods to droughts but it’s also a mission about community and people and how we can empower them and bring jobs and bring livelihoods and bring that energy back.

What is your product and how is it different? What is your defensible position?

Our product, is what we like to call a regenerative hemp elixir. This is a really big mouthful so we like to kind of break that down and the way that that will work into the defensible position in others is simply by this right, we’re not making another CBD product, it’s not an isolate or an extract. We use a patent-pending process and actually juice the whole plant. And so what this is, is all the terpenoids, flavonoids, the omega and amino acids, and the vitamins and minerals in a natural solution. This is a really holistic way to make it from the plant and that’s a great differentiator for us and then again to go back, we’re using this patent-pending process to do so that’s going to give us a lot of white space to move forward.

What stage of growth is your company in?

The stage of growth right now we’re currently in is “start-up mode”. We have just under $200,000 left to raise on our current seed round but growing really fast. We launched on IndieGoGo this past December and we’re fully funded on that, which is actually a pretty big challenge considering our space and working with hemp. We weren’t able to buy advertising and so we really had to push hard and we had great support from our community to help launch the brand and show that traction to move forward. And now, we are in Erewhon and Lazy Acres in the LA area.

What has been the biggest surprise since you launched?

I think the greatest lesson that we’ve learned has been navigating a really complex and emerging kind of federal and state level programs because we do work with hemp and blending that with food and beverage manufacturing. Nobody has done that before and so were literally having to change labels, change how we process, change what we’re doing, and constantly walking a fine like. It hasn’t been set in stone before so we have to figure it out.

What do you need from a partner or investor to go next level?

What we’re looking for is a strategic partner or investors is obvious capital but beyond that we’re really looking for partners who can align with our mission and with our vision and then from there what can we do to help bolster distribution, bolster sales and marketing. I think one of the biggest things that we’ve learned with what we do is we really want to rely on our expertise. And that’s growing hemp in this really powerful way and making this product and we know that there’s a lot of other people out there that are experts and can help us bring it to market and bring that forward, so we’re actively looking for that kind of value add into the investment or partnership.

Why should I invest in YOU?

We make a product that is going to make you feel good but it’s also going to help heal the planet and that mission and that drive to do something much deeper and bigger, we think really creates a powerful community of people that are going to continue to support us and we think that you should jump onto that team, too.

Written by Kevin Escobar

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