From Los Angeles Rat Race to Intentional Healing with Michelle Fedrizzi

Michelle Fedrizzi, is the Founder and Owner of Auric. After her own spiritual awakening, she left behind the lights and glamour in her career in the Entertainment and Fashion Industry to pursue a life of giving back to others to help them find their light.

Fedrizzi had been in the Entertainment Industry for many years behind the scenes putting on productions with major artists including Ludacris, The Weeknd, and J Cole. Fedrizzi transitioned into the fashion industry shortly after, helping run million-dollar companies and designing footwear for major brands in the space.

Fedrizzi knew there was more to life than the glitz and seduction of big business and started to dive deeper into her spirituality. Fedrizzi got called to turn her various heartbreaks into power to help other women find hope, love, and strength again in their lives. She took a leap of faith, quit her 9-to-5, and dove head-on into using her knowledge of Astrology, Spirituality, Transformational work, Intuitive Guidance and NLP Life Coaching to help others navigate their life path. Fedrizzi not only teaches but also embraces the idea that everything is always perfectly aligned and for our highest good.


1) Tell us about Auric and why you started “The Auric Life”?


Auric called me and found me. I had no idea when I first started Auric that it would grow into a business with so many modalities. 

I started Auric to give back to others the knowledge, tools, and relief that helped me move through hard times in my life and offered me a sense of hope and helped me to achieve my goals. 

When I first started Auric, spirituality was not mainstream yet and I was looking to trailblaze the market by bringing a new sense of help to peoples lives. I knew that there were many people suffering around me let alone the world, and they were all lacking the information, tools, and support to help them to get to the next level, so I knew I had to bring this to the market from a fresh perspective. 

Auric means the living life force around any living thing and also alchemy into gold, it only made sense to help people move energy in their lives to help them transform into their highest forms.


2) What led you to this line of work?


The work chose me. I realized I had always been helping people in their daily lives to transform and make their dreams come true. Everyone I was helping around me always came to me for deep healing, clarity, understanding, and motivation. I was a natural at it. I was working in entertainment and fashion before I started into the personal development industry. While working in these industries I saw so many lost souls, cries for help and people struggling with their mental health. I loved working in the industries I was in but I knew my purpose was bigger and I needed to make a bigger impact in the world. I took a leap of faith and quit my 9-5 and started Auric with faith that it would all work out. I now know it was the best decision I ever made in my life. 


3) Why is important for one to delve into themselves with self-care?


Self-care and self-love are the building blocks and foundations to everything in life. If we do not take care of ourselves we can not truly create the life we desire, let alone be able to give to others the love and connection we all so deeply need. Self-care allows you to say no and put up boundaries, and allows you to fill your cup up so that you can give back. If we are always giving to others first we will have nothing to give to ourselves. Self-care is the highest form of self-love.


4) What is Reiki and why can it help us?


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality that works on the bodies meridian lines to help remove negative energy and dis-ease stored within the body, it helps to restore the body back to optimal health and helps to relax the mind, body, and soul. It is a relaxation technique to move energy throughout the body and help you to connect back in with yourself. In the daily hustle and bustle of life, we often get disconnected from ourselves and our bodies and Reiki helps us to connect back in with spirit and our deeper self, let alone restore our energy levels. People often feel a sense of renewal and clarity after just one session.


5) What differs you from other contemporary healing?


My approach to the healing community is different as I have mixed pseudoscience, quantum physics, spirituality, neuro-linguistic programming, psychology, counseling, astrology, and human design all together to help people really understand themselves but also how to move through life by understanding how life works around them. 

I have not seen this done yet in the contemporary healing community and I believe each tool has its own place and power behind it. By giving all these tools to people it gives them back their power that is specific to them individually. 


6) Mindfulness is being adopted by the mainstream very quickly. Does this help or hinder the movement?


Mindfulness and the spiritual community has gone mainstream over the past year or two and just like anything that becomes a trend, it gets very watered down. I believe it is a great thing that we are bringing awareness to various forms of healing to help people but I believe we need to really honor the sacred practices that are in healing and connecting deeper with ourselves. Healing is not all love and light, it is messy and can be very dark as well and without acknowledging this part we are only doing surface-level healing. I think it is important to get the right education and have the right facilitators to hold space for us. Just as with anything in life we must really listen to our intuition and where spirit is calling us to specific healers and practices. 


7) How does “I” mindfulness differ from “we” mindfulness?


“I” mindfulness is about checking in and connecting in with ourselves and being brutally honest with ourselves. When we are doing mindfulness for ourselves it helps ourselves to build up confidence and to better understand how and why we do specific things in our lives which then affects the “we” mindfulness. When we understand how we operate as an individual we do not get so offended or disassociate from others. When we understand ourselves we can connect with others deeper and when it comes to us, we are then able to have honest and clear communication which is life-changing in relationships. 


8) What makes a good mindfulness teacher?


I believe we are called to our teachers and the teacher is not just a teacher but also a healer, a space holder, a friend, a love and a guide. A good teacher is someone you can count on, someone who will hold space for you in the darkness, give you some guidance and tips on where to look but won't do the work for you. A good teacher will plant the seeds and help you to bloom! 


9) What are some mindfulness activities one can do alone? With friends?


Meditation, breathing, mindful eating, and grounding are great practices to do alone, but if you want to have some fun with a friend, join some yoga or transformational courses to help bring you closer but also to create an accountability partner. When we are on this path it is easy to get lost and feel alone but when we bring in support from others we see more amazing and quicker results. 


10) What are some common misconceptions of mindfulness practices?


Some of the misconceptions of mindfulness practices are that you only have to do them once and you will see the results. You may get some results by doing them once but in order to see long-lasting results, one must practice them daily. Mindfulness practices like meditation, awareness, and breathing help you to connect back in with yourself and your surroundings. We can easily disconnect from ourselves and our bodies and we must practice breathing and awareness throughout our whole day. Everything is always connected and if we are not even connecting with ourselves we can not connect with anything or anyone around us. 


11) People’s days are full of distractions and temptations, how can one stay mindful in today’s busy society?


It could be really hard to stay on track and not give in to distractions in today’s society especially when distractions are everywhere. To stay on track you must establish a firm core within yourself but also a lot of self-discipline. Distractions are there to really test you to see how bad you truly want something and if we can get so easily distracted, then we must go deeper within ourselves and ask ourselves why. What are we really distracting ourselves from? The positivity and encouragement can come and go quickly it is the dedication and discipline that separates those from the haves and have-nots. 


We’d like to give a special thanks to Michelle for taking part in our celebration of August Wellness Month. You can find more about Auric on her website ( and her Instagram (

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