I Did Six Days of Lumen. Here’s How it Went.
Featured Contributor: Erin Willis | Mother Indica & Flower Belly

Call it serendipity or pure coincidence...

but I got lucky enough to meet the Lumen team right before they switched their products to adaptogenic superfood elixirs.. a hemp-centric product line that took me by storm because I’m a nutritionist in the cannabis industry.
When we first met at a local coffee shop, the Lumen team was diligently working on releasing an 8 oz. raw hemp green juice. "Alright," I thought, "that’s pretty cool." I didn’t get the chance to try it, because they moved over to a more intense 2 oz. adaptogenic superfood elixir shortly thereafter. So I then thought, "super nutritious hemp elixirs?! Now that’s something I’m interested in.."
So a few months pass while I witness the growing of their crowdfunding campaign and the rebranding of their elixirs. Intrigued by the new formulas, their mission-driven ethos, and the “we are going to save the world” mindset they so proudly live by, I thought I would give the 12-shot Sampler Pack a consistent go around in the form of a consistent challenge, not just the sip here and there like I was doing before.
Yes, I enjoyed the taste and immediate, warming effects, but what would happen if I integrated Lumen into my lifestyle for a week? As the nutritionist and hemp enthusiast in me became eager to find out, I grabbed my 12-pack and set off on a new Lumen adventure.

So before I let you in on how it went, I've got some preliminary thoughts to share with you.

  1. I’m already a fairly healthy gal. Though I don't officially exercise (I have a toddler boy to help me with that), I do treat my body as the divine temple she is ;) and do my best to mostly consume high vibe goodies like hearty salads, avocados, coconut water, wild-caught fish, and the occasional grass-fed beef and pasture-raised chicken. I make it a point to supplement my diet with adaptogens like ashwagandha, holy basil, and maca. Okay.. and dark chocolate. Oh Lord, do I love dark chocolate.
  2. Although I try my best to eat well, I still struggle with anxiety and keeping to my self-care routines.
  3. On that note, I have always struggled with finding and sticking to a routine/ self-care ritual. We will get into that a bit later.

Also, a little debunking is a must.

  1. These products are in no way capable of getting you high. This is because they don’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
  2. Initially, I was skeptical of the product for its price point. However, when I began to consider the amount of love and intent that goes into these bottles, as well as the top quality ingredients and regenerative hemp used, I shifted my perspective. The topper for me was when I started to consider the expensive spirulina that’s sitting in the freezer that I hardly use, as well as the number of adaptogenic tinctures I have in my cabinet that I forget to take... like all the time. Because they’re unpleasant to the pallet. So really, the quality ingredients used, as well as the ease and convenience of taking these shots, make me realize that it’s only logical that this is where I want to spend my money, at least when it comes to consuming quality superfoods and adaptogens. And let’s be real, I could easily skip my daily cappuccino and occasional gel nails for this new hemp-infused lifestyle.
  3. Another point I’d like to debunk is the fear of how they taste. Plant-y, spicy, and herby are the adjectives that come to mind when I taste these elixirs- and I LOVE it (and so does my son). Besides the coconut water in the Restore shot, you’re not going to taste an overly-sweet substance. Not here, and I don’t believe sweetness is what should be expected! (In comes the nutritionist...) If you’re off-put to the taste of these elixirs, I recommend you take a look at the amount of sugar you consume daily. Maybe your tastebuds just need a little detox ;) Substituting your usual sugary wellness drinks with Lumen can totally help with that.

Okay, back to the challenge.

Since this challenge was not yet a thing, I decided to create one based on the ingredients used and the number of shots within the 12-pack.

6 Days of Lumen Challenge Conditions:

- AM -

One Immune shot before coffee and breakfast (contains sunshine ingredients like enlivening citrus juices, turmeric, ginger, and black pepper)

- PM -

One Restore 30 minutes prior to bedtime (contains nighttime relaxation goodies like coconut water, ashwagandha, spirulina, moringa, and bite of ginger)
And of course, both are packed with hemp juice. Delicious, good-for-you hemp juice all around.
I also decided they would be the first and last food I would consume in my day and that I would throw 'em back at the same time each day to keep things somewhat standardized.
I started this challenge on a Monday, and when I placed my 12-pack in the fridge that Sunday night, I was SO ecstatic. I now have a wellness plan, I thought over and over again. And I have to admit, they looked adorable placed next to my prepped veggies and herbs and made me feel like I was already doing something major for my health. A mindset win even prior to consumption.

~ Some Notes Regarding Specific Days ~

- DAY 1 -
Pretty typical, I was mostly just excited about my new routine, and the anticipation of getting to drink my next shot. I didn’t feel any difference in how I physically felt.
- DAY 3 -
So in love with my new rituals, I now feel like I have an excuse to take time for myself and slow down. I mentioned early that I have always struggled with keeping routines and rituals, so Lumen is seemingly helping with that newly found self-care routine in the morning and at night.
- Day 4 -
Feeling my new routine, but got a little sick from my son. Symptoms: chills and weakness. This day I actually cried a wee bit after having my Immune elixir because it was the only thing that warmed me up that morning and gave me enough energy to get down to the grocery store.
- Day 6 -
I was so sad that it’s over! No longer sick, and yearning to continue with my new routine. Might I say, I’m a new found fan of the daily shots?

My Verdict

Okay so before stating my obvious verdict, I want to make clear that this did not go as expected. Above all, I did not know I would fall in love with my new morning and evening ritual. I made it kind of a thing. In the morning I would perch near the window, basking in the warm sun as I sipped (yes, sipped) my Immune elixir, being fully aware of the way it filled my tummy with warmth. At times I was even sure I’d skip my morning cup of coffee... that is until my son woke up.
In the evening, I greatly looked forward to my nightcap with the Restore elixir. And since, according to my own taste buds, the Restore elixir is a little sweeter than the other, I eventually replaced my nightly chocolate with Restore. Talk about leveling up! Sound sleep was amazing. Maybe it was the lack of caffeine from my dark chocolate, or maybe it was the fact that I actually started a healthier night routine. Whatever it was, I felt so rested during the challenge. This was a big contender for me as an entrepreneur mom-of-a-toddler-boy. Like so needed.

My verdict is that Lumen is delicious tasting and feels like an immediate internal hug.

During the six days, I felt more energized yet level-headed and clear, and I even noticed I stopped drinking my afternoon cup of coffee (this says a lot because, hello... addiction). I highly recommend this product, especially in the form of a 6-day challenge for the skeptics out there. I will also say that Lumen should not be your only healthy habit.
I feel you can make your Lumen more effective by eating wholesome foods, moving often, and keeping hydrated.
Lumen does, however, offer you a healthy structure/entry point for a lifestyle change, brings about a sun and moon ritual if you so desire, and helps a healthy body THRIVE. At least that’s how it felt for me.


Erin Willis


Erin Willis 

Nutritionist, holistic cannabis coach, and lover of all things Nature. Graduating with a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from SFSU, Erin has turned her love for holistic nutrition into a booming cannabis-centric nutritional practice and is now working on her newest project, Flower Belly. Follow her adventures on her website and Instagram.

Written by Kris Taylor

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